Pyrrha takes a selfie at Beacon!

I bet even Pyrrha was happy to make it into Beacon… I wonder how expensive these “scrolls” are.


This is how Pyrrha’s story began, happy to be at Beacon where she knew she could find the path to fulfill her destiny. This is the first drawing/painting I’ve done in close to 8 years and I’m happy to share it. I hope to make more since it’s very relaxing, specially when I need a break from studying! There are areas where I can improve, but I have to get the hang of it again first; proportions, angles, shading, colors, etc, I must relearn.

For now this is what I got.

And what is the point of posting it on here and not a direct link on Reddit you ask? Well it’s complicated, I’ve had the idea for a long time and today the stars have finally aligned. Ultimately my goal is to share and I don’t like to use sites like deviantart or tumblr. This is simpler, I post art, archives it and allows me to share it without clutter, ads or annoying crap. Expect less words in the future.

I already have another one on the way, will post when ready.


Cheers! 😀